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Kim Eickhoff, Chair

Kim has ridden with OUT Spokin’ since 2007. She originally joined the group to meet other healthy GLBT people when she moved to Colorado. However, as she began riding more regularly with them she realized that she loved cycling, especially riding in the mountains. It is so beautiful and spiritual, there is really nothing else like it. She has also met many amazing people through the group and created some wonderful friendships. "This is a great group of people and I feel very lucky to have found them. I love OUTspokin’!”

Marjorie Brown

Marjorie is a Colorado native who has been riding a bike all her life. She recently plunged into road cycling, with the help of the amazing people of OUT Spokin. Her goals include discovering new routes, enjoying more mountain rides, and building distance.

Bettina Schaden, Secretary

Bettina and her wife, Virginia, are both members of OUTSpokin' and this is her second year on the board. They love riding in this beautiful place with thin air! The club is a wonderful way to encourage them to get in gear, work out, and be with awesome people. They have made many friends in the club. This year, they will be working on completing that elusive first century ride, and Bettina is hoping to go on more rides in the mountains.

Melanie Scott, Treasurer

Melanie is a Denver native and loves the sunshine all year round. "OUT Spokin' offers me the opportunity to ride with active healthy men and women and have fun while building friendships and creating positive visibility for the GLBT community".  When Melanie is not playing outside she attempts to catch glimpses of her two grown daughters, enjoys seeing live music and her work as a case manager at a spine rehabilitation clinic

Scott Schluterman

Scott has been riding with OUTspokin' for the past seven years. He and his partner joined the group to meet new peeps who share their love for cycling and the outdoors. Some of Scott's favorite rides include Independence and Vail Pass. When Scott isn't riding his bike, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Steven, of nineteen years and their two dogs, Bella and Rosie. He also enjoys traveling, gardening, hiking and a nice glass of whiskey!

Candace Mayer

The riding addiction started when I got my tricycle! When I attended CU Boulder, I probably was on my bike more than I was in class. I have ridden extensively in San Francisco and Marin County, New Mexico, and Colorado. I especially love riding in 10 – 14K feet in the mountains. Century rides began in 1982 but my new favorite distance is 40 -60 miles. During 2015, I rode the Triple Bypass, NM MS150, Copper Triangle, Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb, Red Rocks Century, Denver Century, and more. Over the past ten years, I have become more interested in food and fueling the body for endurance rides. I enjoy sharing recipes and making healthy ride food. OK – I’m a foodie in general. Helping others with their riding is my pleasure. Leading rides, fixing flats, and flying downhill are all part of the sport I adore.

Erik Holliday-McCann

My husband and I joined OutSpokin through the app called Meetup. With no expectations except to possibly find new trails rides, we found an accepting, friendly and giving group of people that we are proud to be a part of. I am happy to be on the board and to use my experience and knowledge as a photographer to help the group grow. Come ride with us!