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Ride Leaders

Expectations for Ride Leaders on Day of Ride 
* Arrive 20 minutes or more before the ride.  
* Circulate waiver, check legibility, count riders. 
* Carry pen/pencil, cell phone, incident form and witness form. 
* Give ride introduction/safety briefing. 
* Make sure all riders have helmets and wear them. 
* Carry patch kit for flats. 
* Be familiar with the route (pre‐drive if necessary). 
* Make sure all riders are accounted for at end of ride. 
* Exhibit safe riding skills and follow the rules of the road. 
* Keep the advertised pace. 
* Interact with the riders in a friendly and professional manner. 
* Reflect positively on OUTspokin'
* Carry extra water and nutrition bars for emergency situations.