Do I have to be an avid cyclist to ride with OUTspokin'?

No. OUTspokin's membership is diverse and we offer rides for all fitness levels. If you are just beginning cycling, we recommend joining us on a shorter green ride first. Check the calendar and routes for more information on what rides match your riding ability. Or, if you prefer to meet some of us without our helmets on first, come join us during one of our social events.

I'm a seasoned rider. May I join a blue or black ride?

Yes. While we recommend starting with a green ride, if you are confident in your riding ability you may join us for any ride that you feel is a good match. If you have any questions about the level of a ride, please email us at outspokindenver@gmail.com.

Do I have to be a member to ride with OUTspokin'?

You are allowed to join us as a guest for your first ride only. After that, for liability reasons, we ask you to purchase our very affordable membership. It’s only $25 for the year for a basic membership, and right now if you purchase a Patron Membership at $50, you also get a free jersey with that purchase (check out the store). All of your money goes to help keep OUTspokin’ operating. It is run purely by volunteers.

Where do the rides start/go?

We ride in many different places in the Denver metro area, as well as in the Boulder area and in the Front Range mountains. New routes and locations are added every year. Check out our routes for more information.

I'm straight. Am I welcome in the club?

Yes! We welcome all straight allies to our club. The more, the merrier!

Is OUTspokin' a competitive racing team?

No. Our posted rides are for fun and fitness. We sign up as a team for philanthropy rides, as well as other non-competitive rides in the region.

Are OUTspokin' members required to participate in charity rides?

No. Charity rides are optional. That said, “philanthropy by bicycle” is part of our club mission, and many of our members choose to join in the fundraising efforts for great causes such as diabetes (Tour de Cure), multiple sclerosis (Bike MS), and the Children's Hospital (Courage Classic). These rides are also great fitness goals to work up to during the cycling season, and they are fun to ride together!

Do I need to have a road bike/clipless pedals/spandex pants to ride with OUTspokin'?

No. Many of our members started out riding whatever bike they had, with platform pedals, and in regular clothes. That said, most of us ride road bikes equipped with clipless pedals because they are lightweight and reduce fatigue on longer rides. Padded spandex shorts, though understandably not everyone's preferred fashion style, become a necessity on longer rides, as well. Whatever equipment you use, please make sure it is safe, reliable, and reasonably comfortable for the distance you plan to ride. You MUST wear a helmet though.

Will I be left behind if I’m slower than other riders?

Although we might ride at different speeds, we regroup frequently.  In general, we regroup more often during green rides than we do during black ones.

What should I bring with me on a ride?

Riders are responsible for their own safety and well-being. Please do not rely on other people's supplies. Be prepared and bring a safe bike, helmet (required!), plenty of water, energy bars, spare tube, tire levers, pump/CO2 cartridge, and cell phone. For more information, check the rider responsibilities.

What are some common courtesy warnings during rides?

While every rider is fully responsible for their own safety on the road, cyclists often make courtesy warnings to each other during rides. Riders often call “car back!” when they hear a car coming from behind. They will also point to obstacles on the road as they pass them (rocks, sand, sticks, pot holes, glass, etc.). If you hear or see such a warning, heed it and pass it on to the next rider in front or behind you.

Do I have to sign up for rides or just show up?

No, there is no sign up required. Just show up! Make sure you get there at least 15 minutes before the ride starts so that you can be ready to ride at the posted time.

What are OUTspokin's social events?

We offer social events the first Wednesday of each month, including dinners, educational talks, and other get-togethers. Some rides end at a member's house and include a fun BBQ. We also enjoy an annual season kick off party and a team-building Scavenger Hunt on bikes each spring. In the summer, we ride our decorated bikes gayly down Colfax Avenue during Pride Parade! More information can be found on the calendar as well as in our e-mail newsletter.

I'm interested in leading rides. Where do I start?

Great! Our club is run by volunteers and we always need leaders for all levels of rides. While it doesn't take any formal training to lead rides, we do ask our ride leaders to follow certain procedures. Please check out the ride leader responsibilities, and contact us to learn more! 

Where can I learn about maintaining my bicycle?

Need help in keeping your bike in tip-top shape? The Bike Depot located in Parkhill area offers classes to teach cyclist in bicycle anatomy, basic brake and derailer adjustments as well as essential solvents and lubricants to keep your bicycle running smoothly. Fixing a flat tire is the most important piece of bicycle repair knowledge. Check out their website for classes schedules.

Are rides ever cancelled due to weather?

A rider’s safety is always important. If temperatures are forecasted to be 40 degrees or colder the ride will be cancelled. The ride will also be cancelled if the pavement is wet due to rain or slick due to freezing temperatures. If in doubt, check the ride on the Outspokin Calendar before departing for your ride or contact the assigned ride leaders listed for the ride. You can also email outspokindenver@gmail.com.