Rider Responsibilities

OUTspokin’s bike riding program, is organized and led by volunteers. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe cycling experience, and find rides that suit your riding style and fitness level. 

If you have questions about a ride, contact us at You are responsible for your own decisions on the ride. To ensure your safety and that of others, we do have the following expectations of ride participants: 

  • Cyclists are required to wear a correctly adjusted helmet.
  • Participants must sign a waiver including an emergency and/or home phone number.
  • Riders must cycle in a legal, safe, and courteous manner. Never ride with earphones or ear bud(s).
  • Pull off and stop when using a cell phone.
  • Participants should carry a pump, spare tube, patch kit, and money and know how to fix their own flats.
  • Plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the start time with your bicycle ready to ride. This allows time to sign the waiver, listen to route instructions, meet the leader, and look at the map if available.
  • We also recommend that you print out the map for the ride you choose to do, if available from our website.
  • For the group's enjoyment as well as your own, choose a ride at the pace and distance that matches your current ability.
  • All participants are expected to be personally responsible for their own conduct and decisions while on an OUTspokin’ ride.

And above all else, HAVE FUN!

 Are rides ever cancelled due to weather?

A rider’s safety is always important. If temperatures are forecasted to be 40 degrees or colder the ride will be cancelled. The ride will also be cancelled if the pavement is wet due to rain or slick due to freezing temperatures. If in doubt, check the ride on the Outspokin Calendar before departing for your ride or contact the assigned ride leaders listed for the ride. You can also email